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“Excavation contractors near me” is a common search phrase, and we’re proud to be one of the best options.

Looking for reliable excavation and demolition contractors near you? Look no further than Helms Construction, the top-rated general contractor in Calgary. We have served the Calgary, Alberta, area for over 30 years. As one of the top excavation companies in Alberta, we provide quality excavation services at a fair price, with an experienced team of excavating professionals well-versed in the art of demolition. Contact us for your new steel building Alberta recommends!

We are experts in excavating in Calgary’s residential and commercial landscapes. In addition to comprehensive Calgary excavating services for industrial and commercial projects, we also work as your home excavation contractors for residential and acreage projects.

As one of Canada’s top construction companies, we are proud to say that excavating in Calgary’s most reliable excavating and demolition companies, we offer a wide range of site and underground services in and around Calgary, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.

We stand tall among construction companies in Calgary with over 90 years of combined experience in industrial construction, construction of steel buildings, excavating, interior development, and exterior finishings; Helms Construction is your go-to excavation contractors. Our construction workers and crewmen are certified and skilled in ground disturbance and confined space.

If you’re searching for “excavation companies near me” or demolition contractors, call us at 403-312-1450 and talk to your excavation contractors today. Don’t forget to check out our other services, including metal stud framing, metal cladding panels, and pre-engineered steel buildings.

Types of Excavation Services Offer by Excavation Contractors

We want you to know that your search for “excavating companies near me” or “demolition contractors” is over. As one of the leading excavation companies in Calgary, Alberta, we bring over 30 years of expertise in excavation, demolition, and project management services to ensure a fast and affordable completion of your project. We are dedicated excavation contractors in Calgary who recognize that clients demand reliability from their contractors. With our extensive excavation experience in various industries across Western Canada, we understand the need for various excavating services and are fully equipped to meet those demands.

Types of Excavation Services We Offer

Searching for “excavation companies near me” We offer the following excavation services:

General Contracting, Demolition and Excavation Services by Demolition Contractors

Helms Construction offers many different general contracting services for any size of the project. You may be searching for reliable “excavating companies near me” as the excavation industry is filled with complaints of contractors unable to deliver on their promises. As expert demolition contractors, you can trust that our excavation team in Calgary will complete your project right, on time, and on a budget.

Loam, wash rock, gravel

We can also provide top-quality screened and unscreened loam, wash rock, gravel and other landscaping supplies at a much better rate than what you would find from other suppliers. Good rates and quick delivery time is what separates us from others.

Septic Fields

Septic fields/systems are specifically designed for your building and soil conditions. Different regulations need to be followed in each province and need to be designed by a certified designer. We are confident that we will provide you with a solution that is perfect for you.

Sewer, Water and Sani Install or Replacement

Whether you need to install or replace a water electrical or sewer line, our team of underground services experts will safely provide installation and replacement services. We will provide you with the right solutions for a price within your budget. Call 403-312-1450 and talk to us about your project.

Commercial and Residential Excavations

No matter how big or small your project is, Helms Construction can handle all your residential and commercial excavation needs. We offer many residential and commercial excavating services like site preparation, landscaping, basement excavation, backfill, and driveway and parking lot construction. Call 403-312-1450 and talk to us about your residential excavation needs in Calgary.

Demolition Contractor Services in Calgary

Taking down your old building shouldn’t be a hassle. From pre-demolition services to waste hauling services post-demolition, we do it all. We help guide you to understand which permits are required and the laws and regulations that need to be followed. We offer demolition contractors services in Calgary, Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

Acreage Development

Developing acreages in Alberta requires a lot of knowledge, a proven system and a qualified team that can work together. We know that not all acreages are the same; that’s why we work with you during the consultation and design process to provide exactly what you need. Reliable and honest consultation from an experienced team can provide you with peace of mind and avoid costly mistakes in the future. Call 403-312-1450 and talk to your acreage development contractor today.

Road Construction

Commercial and municipal roads can be a complicated process. Helms Construction understands road construction and will be your best option, regardless of where you are in Alberta. As a commercial contractor, we offer many services like brush clearing, grading, soil stripping, compaction, etc. Put an end to your search for “construction companies near me” and contact Helms Construction today!

Parking Lots

Creating a parking lot that works well with the layout of your commercial property and land can help improve the safety and experience of the guest. We can help create a solid foundation for your parking lot. Call 403-312-1450 and talk to us regarding your parking lot needs.

Site Reclamations

Sites or land that have been unstable or damaged can still be used with the proper site reclamation services. We can help with any land reclamation and restore the land to make it usable. Ground re-contouring, replacing subsoil and topsoil, revegetation and seeding.

Land Development

The land your commercial, residential, or industrial building is erected on will need to have the proper spacing, stability, and surrounding to ensure that there are no future problems. We offer many land development services like site development, site grading, surface drainage systems and grading. Call 403-312-1450 and talk to your land development contractor today.

Your Search for “Excavation Companies near me” is over. Call Demolition Contractors in Calgary 403-312-1450


How to search for an excavation company?

To find an excavation company, search for keywords like “excavating contractors near me” on Google. This will list nearby contractors. You can also check online directories and review sites or ask for recommendations from friends and family who have used excavation services.

What are the three types of excavation?

The three types of excavation are topsoil, rock, and earth.

What is the purpose of excavation?

Excavation is done to create space for construction, digging for utility lines, and mining.

Which tool is used for excavation?

Excavators, backhoes, bulldozers, and trenchers are some of the common tools used for excavation.

What are the advantages of excavation?

Excavation is a cost-effective way to remove unwanted soil or rock and creates space for construction or other purposes.

What is the difference between excavation and digging?

Excavation is moving earth, rock, or other materials using heavy machinery. Digging, however, involves using tools to remove soil or other materials by hand.

What are the two types of demolition?

The two types of demolition are explosive demolition and non-explosive demolition. Demolition contractors can guide what might be the best option for your building.

What is the purpose of demolition?

Demolition is done to tear down a building or structure for safety or to make room for new construction.

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